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R&D Center

Technology Centre’s primary task is to provide technical support for enterprise development, is responsible for the development and dissemination of technology, innovation policy, the organization provides professional technical advice, playing the role of new technologies in the enterprise. Promoting the technological progress and enhance market competitiveness of enterprises.
“Change will unobstructed and then will be for a long time” . Social competition is so serious, the employees in Huijin has maintained a high degree of risk awareness and competitiveness, adhere to the development of more advanced production techniques in order to survive in his own field and does not insult the centennial mission of Huijin .
In 2006, Huijin Technology Center was established and has 8 senior engineers and 15 technicians. The Technology Center has it’s own experimental workshop and the test equipment total investment of 12 million yuan. The advanced technology development center equipment, high technology content and complete data enhanced the technology development and innovationcapacity of Huijin.
National thermal insulation building material Standardization Technical Committee held in Beijing about the national standards Council of《 Double skin metal faced insulating panels for building》in 2008, our company take part in the drafting and consideration of the surface of metal for building thermal insulation sandwich panels of the national standards.
Our general manager Gao Pengwen were invited to participate《National standards of acceptance of double skin metal faced insulating panels for building, the surface of metal for building 》drafting unit in 2011, this compile will fill a gap in China.

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